buddyfetch Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is buddyfetch another social network?
    A: NO, buddyfetch is a search engine like google. Instead of seraching web pages, we search social network, dating and IM profiles.
  • Q: What is buddyfetch?
    A: buddyfetch searches for new people (you don't already know) based on their interests. For example, search by profession, hobby, interest, music tastes, anything you can imagine- that makes a person who they are. We hundreds of social networks all at once for the people you want to meet so you dont have to.
  • Q: Why should i use buddyfetch? What's in it for me?
    A: buddyfetch saves you time and effort in locating and making new friends, business contacts, networking contacts, activity partners and more. buddyfetch is a very fun and simple way to search for and browse people that you want to meet either online or in real life.
  • Q: What sites does buddyfetch search?
    A: buddyfetch searches over 200 networks (social, dating and IM) currently and will be able to search almost 2000 networks by 2011. Please note that we are particular about the profiles we accept in our search engine and we are not simply a white pages/people search service. We srtive to provide the most quality/rich profiles. buddyfetch does not accept resticted or private profiles in its search engine.
  • Q: How can i list my profile in Buddyfetch search results?
    A: Please add your profile by sending us an email : info@buddyfetch.com with your profile URL.
  • Q: Can I search more than one keyword?
    A: Yes, you can enter one or many words, for example : soccer, swimming, (separated by commas or spaces) this can also include location ie : runner san francisco. Please note that not all profiles include location.
  • Q: How do I flag incorrect or inappropriate info?
    A: At the moment, all inquiries can be sent via our feedback form. However in the near future we plan to allow users to directly flag profiles as inaccurate or inappropriate.
  • Q: I found someone I want to communicate with, how do I do that?
    A: Click on the person in the search results, then view their details page, next click "contact this person on ...". buddyfetch will now send you to the source of where the person is located. Simply look at the page on how to best communicate with them, send message, etc (some sources require you to sign up and most are completely free).
  • Q: How do I remove my profile?
    A: Please send us an email here : info@buddyfetch.com to request removal. Please be sure and include as much information about your listing as possible so we can find and remove you. (ideally the page URL)
  • Q: When are the current pictures/profiles updated?
    A: Yes, profiles and photos are updated or refreshed once a month.
  • Q: My question is not listed here. How can I contact you?
    A: Please email us at info@buddyfetch.com.